A step-by-step online course that will take you from clueless to clarity on what it takes to plan a smooth transition to (short or long term) life abroad.

Feel free to silently raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

You're curious about moving (or spending extended time) abroad, but have no idea where you would even start.

You're tired of the racial or political tensions of your home country and ready for a change of scenery.

Every time you start thinking about moving abroad you get hung up on the question "how will I make money while I'm there?"

You'd love to at least move abroad for a while, but your family would stand in your way.

Moving abroad seems like something that's only accessible to those with lots of money.

Your job is burning you out and a change of scenery would be greatly appreciated.

a travel muse to many having visited more than 60 countries, a former corporate strategist, and a current resident in Bali.

I moved to Bali, Indonesia three years ago after leaving my career as a strategy consultant. When I left that career I was pretty drained physically, mentally, and emotionally, which was no doubt the result of 70+ hour workweeks.

My move abroad was inspired by my desire to be the author of my own story and discover the true freedom that comes from getting outside of your everyday environment.

Having lived abroad for several years I've seen people from all walks of life make the transition abroad, and I can say that planning properly is hands down the biggest factor that determines whether a move will be successful or unsuccessful.

This is precisely why I've created this unique mastercourse. I want to see everyone who wants to move abroad do it successfully.

Ready to remove the guesswork from the process of moving abroad?



I've taken all of the steps that I personally used to transition from Houston, TX to Bali, Indonesia, and turned it into an information-rich, no fluff, online training program for anyone who hopes to live abroad be it for the long or short term.

By the end of the training, you will learn my detailed plan of attack for making your dream of living abroad a reality.

I’m literally teaching

for moving abroad and making a successful transition... to you.

In this mastercourse, you will learn everything you need to know to plan a successful move abroad:

This digital course includes:

  • 2 Modules
  • 16 Video lessons
  • 8+ PDF worksheets and guides
  • 2 Interactive templates
  • 5+ Expert expat interviews
  • 6+ Tutorials
  • Q&A Directory

Module 1 Snapshot:

Cultivating the right mindset before you move abroad

Picking the right departure date

Choosing the right country for you using my step by step process

Preparing your family and friends

Planning your scouting trip

Navigating tourist and long-stay visas

Outsmarting your brain and your family and friends to allow yourself to take the leap

Creating a budget that will help you develop a saving strategy to minimize stress once you relocate

Module 2 Snapshot:

Finding housing once you move

Making friends and building your community

Identifying two people you'll need in your corner when you move

Making money while abroad

Managing hair and access to beauty products

Let's do this!

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